Quality Policy

Graphenano Dental, company engaged to the production of discs for dental prostheses made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) doped with graphene for its following machining process with CAD / CAM technology, obtaining a Class IIa medical device for dental prostheses.


Graphenano Dental is committed to achieving customer satisfaction using quality procedures, in order to meet or exceed the requirements implemented in our Quality Management System for Medical Devices, based on the ISO 13485:2016.


The Management of Graphenano Dental is focused on the Quality System commitment, with the aim of organize the company performance based on basic essential requirements, such as the Quality of its products, customer satisfaction and the ongoing improvement of the System. Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviors:

  • The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review, with suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to co-operate.
  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System, keeping in mind the context of the organization.
  • Quality is oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients and the rest of the interested parties, through the total commitment and with the necessary resources of the entire organization to fulfill their needs and requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Quality is based on Continuous Improvement of both the production and service provision processes, additionally the effectiveness and the prevention of errors are a fundamental aspect in our QMS.
  • Quality forces us to pay the utmost attention to technological innovations and its corresponding implementation in our business plan development.
  • Quality requires the collaboration of the entire Graphenano Dental team, so this Policy is posted and disseminated for the review by the Staff.

The Management of Graphenano Dental wants to emphasize their commitment with the ecological behavior, by reducing waste generation and the consumption of natural resources.


For the effective application of these principles, the support of both the management team and the staff is necessary.