What is it?


The graphene nanoreinforced biopolymer G-CAM disc, especially designed for permanent dental structures, is available in different chromatic crowns that have an extremely natural aesthetic appearance, as well as resolving all the mechanical, physicochemical and biological failures of the rest of the materials currently used in the sector.

certificacion graphenano dental


The disc comes in three different formats:

  • G-CAM Monochroma, single colour.
  • G-CAM Multichroma, a unique wide chromatic spectrum based on natural colours with high translucence.


The disc can have a diameter of 98.5 mm (universal anchorage) or 95 mm (Zirkonzahn anchorage).


The thickness can be 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 mm.

G-CAM complies with all the necessary requisites to be the ideal
material for prosthetic works with CAD/CAM technology.


The colorimetry, based on the VITA classic shade guide, is not only limited to intermediate colours, but also allows for more shades through the make-up of photopolymerisable surfaces in the laboratory.


The disc is available in the following dental colours: BL2, A1, A2, A3, A3’5, B2 and C2, in addition to transpa and pink.


* The shade of the colour may differ from the actual colour.

G-CAM material properties

  • Elastic modulus: >3200 MPa
  • Bending strength: >140 MPa
  • Surface hardness: 88 Shore
  • Water absorption: 4 μg/mm3
  • Residual monomer: <0,004 %

The graphene-doped resin awards the G-CAM disk a series of mechanical properties making it the ideal material for restorative dentistry.

Comparison of dental solutions under material

The graphene nanoreinforced biopolymer disc G-CAM assures comprehensive solutions and resolves the shortcomings of the different types of materials currently used in dental prosthetics.